Winner - Webby Award, Webby People's Voice Award for the series I STOOD UP TO HATE

Executive Producer: Michelle Nash - Supervising Producer: Allie Jaynes - Creative Director, Cinematography, Editing: Danny Beard Editors: Sara Wasserman, Gabriel Vega - Graphic Design: Genevieve LaCroix, Kirsten Elharda

Some have called this a new age of hate. Attacks against immigrants, people of color, religious groups and the LGBTQ community are on the rise across America. Donald Trump’s election has emboldened white supremacists and normalized bigotry and hate violence.

How should we respond? This series aims to answer that question with a wide range of voices—a young Muslim woman who confronted the man who called her family “terrorists,” a student who mobilized hundreds of people to walk a Black classmate across campus after she was threatened by a racist, an activist who breaks down how anyone can intervene in a hate incident, and a former neo-Nazi who has now devoted her life to stopping hate.

Finalist - 2018 Webby Award for the series ENDANGERED

Throughout the world, communities are fighting to hold true to their cultures and traditions as urbanization, climate change and even conservation threaten their way of life.

"We can't arrest our way out of this. It's just impossible." In a town of less than 5,000 people, the Chatham Police Department has helped over 170 residents get into rehab. 

Executive Producer: Michelle Nash - Producer: Lena Jackson - Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Danny Beard

Honorable Mention - Shorty Social Good Awards for the documentary NO LEAGUE OF THIER OWN: TRANSGENDER ATHLETES

2015 was a formative year for transgender athletes with Caitlyn Jenner publicly announcing her name change, Chris Mosier becoming the first transgender man to make the U.S. National Team and the IOC adapting its guidelines for the Summer Olympics in Rio. The conversation surrounding transgender athletes has reached a fever pitch. This special examines the question: do transgender athletes have a competitive advantage? Through professional voices and personal storytelling we explore the debate.

Executive Producer: Michelle Nash - Senior Producer: Heidi Burkey - Cinematography, Editing: Danny Beard and John Regaldo

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